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8 September 2008


IQE introduces epitaxy services for MEMS

Epiwafer and substrate foundry IQE plc of Cardiff, Wales, UK has added a range of epitaxy services for enhanced MEMS capabilities, and now offers engineered substrates for MEMS markets in wafer sizes up to 200mm.

"Many key players are turning to engineered substrates to facilitate greater flexibility and control over their design and manufacturing processes. The use of epitaxial layers opens up an exciting new range of possibilities for the MEMS technology sector," said Alistair Hoy, sales manager, IQE Silicon Products Division.

According to IQE, the new services are suited to technologies based on SOI or bulk silicon wafers, adding that its advanced single wafer reactors offer excellent resistivity and thickness uniformity. Abrupt transitions are possible between differently doped layers and films are free from crystal originating particles and other types of bulk silicon defects, says the firm.

IQE’s epitaxial services for MEMS applications include: thick virtual SiGe substrates, thin super-lattice structures, SiGe etch stop layers, and SiGe epitaxy for applications such as IR sensors. The new MEMS services also include the industry’s largest range of materials capabilities with multi-layer Si, SiGe and Ge epitaxy. Different doping levels and species within each layer can also be accommodated as can epitaxial layers on SOI, says IQE.

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