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3 September 2008


Welland joins LED City program

Welland, Ontario, Canada has joined the LED City program, an international community of government and industry parties initiated by LED maker Cree Inc of Durham, NC, USA to evaluate, deploy and promote LED lighting for municipal infrastructure. Welland has converted many of its lighting applications to LEDs, including streetlights and traffic signals, and has also amended its municipal standards to facilitate LED lighting for all future streetlight installations.

Welland has already installed 50 LED streetlights along Fitch Street and is formalizing plans for the installation of 50 additional street and pedestrian lights. It is estimated that by retrofitting all its streetlights with LEDs the city could save $253,980 per year.

“The City of Welland is committed to high-quality LED lighting that reduces energy and maintenance costs,” said mayor Damian Goulbourne. “Welland has been immersed in the testing of LED street lighting and aspires to become a green community, improving life for our residents. We look forward to promoting the benefits of our installations and sharing our experiences within the LED City program, helping to build a global municipal community committed to energy-efficient lighting.”

In January 2008, Toronto’s greenTbiz organization undertook a public-perception survey of LEDs in Welland and found that 73% of all respondents preferred the new LED streetlights. The city now plans to convert its downtown decorative pedestrian lighting to LEDs as part of the its downtown revitalization project. The 50 LED streetlights to be installed in Welland are based on the K56-EAR LED Series made by King Luminaire, and contain LED light engines from Welland-based CRS Electronics. The light engines use the Cree XLamp LED.

Welland joins program members Anchorage AK, USA; Torraca, Italy, Raleigh, NC, USA; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Ann Arbor, MI, USA; Austin, TX, USA; and Tianjin, China.

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