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28 August 2009


Nano-imprint litho system maker Obducat wins first order from Russia

Obducat AB of Malmö, Sweden, which supplies systems based on nano-imprint lithography (NIL) and electron-beam lithography, has won its first order from Russia.

Scheduled for delivery in third-quarter 2009 to the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Semiconductor Physics in Novosibirsk, Siberia, the NIL Eitre 6 system (worth slightly more than SEK3m) will be used primarily in the R&D of nanoelectronics and photonics. The institute has more than 200 staff performing research in micro- and nanoelectronics, photonics and information technology. Obducat says that its research will in future hence be conducted using the firm’s patented IPS-STU (Intermediate Polymer Stamp - Simultaneous Thermal and UV) process technology.

“Getting an early foothold in the Russian market is of vital importance, seeing that it will allow us to create connections with this customer’s partners, i.e. institutions and companies that may be future customers,” says Obducat’s CEO Patrik Lundström. “In the light of the investments that RUSNANO, the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies, is planning in areas such as LED and solar cells, there is a clear possibility of strong growth potential in this market in the years to come,” he adds.

RUSNANO was founded in July 2007 and allocated 130bn rubles ($4.6bn) by the Government of the Russian Federation to implement its policy, develop infrastructure, and establish projects in nanotechnology, e.g. by acting as an early-stage co-investor in projects with significant economic or social potential to reduce risks for private investor partners. The aim is to support the development of the Russian nanotechnology-based industry towards the global market, and the establishment of partnerships with nanotechnology centres around the world.

Toshiba selects Obducat NIL technology

Earlier in the month, Obducat also received an order from its distributor Canon Marketing Japan for an NIL system to be delivered to electronic and electrical product manufacturer Toshiba Corp for R&D in several key application areas including optoelectronics.

Obducat says that its technology was selected from among a range of suppliers after several evaluations of imprint trials (using its IPS and STU processes), claiming that its NIL technology demonstrated the best imprint quality with minimum defects.

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