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26 May 2009


Obducat launches automated nanoimprint litho system for high-volume LED manufacturing

Obducat AB of Malmö, Sweden, which supplies systems based on nano imprint lithography and electron-beam lithography, is launching the first model from its Sindre platform. The Sindre400 is claimed to be the first fully automated lithography system for high-volume manufacturing of LEDs. The first commercial system has been ordered by Taiwan-based LED maker Luxtaltek. With its first truly industrial platform, Obducat says that it has laid the foundation for the development of future mass-production systems.

The result of eight years of R&D, and based on models installed in customer plants and in use in industrial manufacturing conditions since February 2006, the Sindre400 has been optimized and enhanced to operate 24/7, the firm says.

Now that the basic technology is in place, in the longer-term the Sindre platform also provides opportunities with other manufacturers, reckons Obducat, since it can be adapted and customer-specified. It can also serve as the basis for systems designed for optoelectronics and solar photovoltaic manufacturing, the firm adds.

Picture: Sindre400

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