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13 February 2009


Bridgelux signs exclusive global franchise agreement with Premier Farnell

Bridgelux Inc of Sunnyvale, CA, USA, which designs and makes power LED chips based on ITO/InGaN (indium tin oxide/indium gallium nitride), has signed a new global franchise agreement with distributor Premier Farnell plc.

Premier Farnell will carry Bridgelux’s new LED Array products, which have been developed specially to provide lamp and luminaire manufacturers with a solution for simplified system-level integration. Available product options deliver between 400 and 2000 lumens under application conditions in cool-, neutral- and warm-white colours. The high-lumen-output integrated sources reduce system design complexity, enabling miniaturized cost-effective lamp and luminaire designs. Applications include down-lights, task and accent, track, hospitality, architectural, street, wide area, and security lighting.

“This new global franchise agreement with Bridgelux will continue to strengthen our SSL [solid-state lighting] product offerings for our worldwide design engineering customer base,” says David Shen, Premier Farnell’s head of Global Technology Marketing. “We are pleased to be working with a company that has a variety of LED technologies which produce the highest luminosity on the market, with a special process to reduce heat,” he adds. Bridgelux controls all of the core technologies, from the epitaxial process to packaging, enabling it to manufacture both high-power LED chips and LED Arrays.

“Bridgelux LED Array products are ideal for Premier Farnell’s high-service multi-channel marketing capabilities, which offers great support to our design engineering customers as they strive to bring their latest products to market as quickly, cost effectively and efficiently as possible,” says Shen. He adds that Premier Farnell continues to invest in and drive its own technical support programmes to ensure that electronic design engineers worldwide receive the support, information and data on the latest technologies and products from suppliers like Bridgelux as quickly and effectively as possible. This scheme provides designers with immediate web access to data and support, as well as reduced delivery lead times, Shen claims.

“Premier Farnell has the extensive global market reach and an excellent reputation for customer service, and we are confident that they will support Bridgelux’s customers by providing the very latest in high-power, high-quality LED light source technology,” says David Barnby, Bridgelux VP of sales & general manager of EMEA. “We believe that our recently launched LED Arrays will significantly reduce the cost of light by simplifying LED lamp and luminaire designs, thereby reducing manufacturing costs,” he adds. “Distributing our products through Premier Farnell complements our global sales network and our capabilities to service the fast-growing SSL market.” The Next Generation Lighting Industry Alliance (NGLIA) estimates the global lighting market to be about $40bn.

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