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13 January 2009


CVD Equipment doubles orders in 2008 to $29m

CVD Equipment Corp of Ronkonkoma, NY, USA says that orders more than doubled in 2008, from 2007’s $14.4m to $29m. About half of the orders were related to solar and energy markets, with most incorporating CVD proprietary and/or patent-pending thin-film solutions.

Most of the order growth came from the fields of solar/energy generation and energy saving as a result of the firm’s expanded process and equipment solution offerings, which are designed to accelerate the commercialization of such technologies.

Impacted by the downturn in the electronics industry over the last two quarters, orders shrank by 3% for the Conceptronic division (which supplies reflow ovens and rework stations for PCB assembly market and ball-attach ovens for back-end semiconductor packaging). This trend is expected to continue at least through the first two quarters in 2009.

However, orders grew by 146% for the CVD/First Nano division (which makes pilot and production equipment for custom CVD processes, as well as the EasyTube product line for nanowire, nanotube and thin-film materials) and by 58% for the Stainless Design Concepts (SDC) division (which makes ultra-high-purity gas and chemical delivery systems). The order growth is being driven by increased interest in the energy generation and energy savings fields. The firm expects this trend to continue.

The large demand for energy savings/generation materials and products needed to address rising energy costs is creating a growing demand for manufacturing solutions using thin-film coatings on glass, wafers and other substrates, says the firm. Using the CVD/First Nano Division’s application laboratory, it aims to expand the areas where low-cost thin-film manufacturing solutions can be applied and further optimize its technologies for cost and performance. The solar, energy and power semiconductor markets that it is addressing with multiple products have significant growth opportunities for technologies that deliver favorable cost benefits, the firm adds. These fields should benefit further from a renewed drive for energy savings and generation driven by President-elect Obama’s administration, it is predicted.

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