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26 January 2009


Jenoptik showcases TESAG epiwafer acquisition

At this week’s Photonics West event in San Jose, CA, USA (27-29 January), the Lasers & Material Processing division of optoelectronics group Jenoptik of Jena, Germany is showcasing its complete technology chain for manufacturing high-power diode lasers, including its newly integrated in-house epitaxial wafer manufacturing capability.

This follows Jenoptik Lasers & Material Processing division's Diode Lasers business unit (Jenoptik Laserdiode GmbH) in December completing its acquisition of pure-play epiwafer foundry Three-Five Epitaxial Services AG (TESAG) in Berlin-Adlershof (near to Jenoptik’s high-power laser bar production site, which has been in operation since 2007). Spun off in 1999 from the Ferdinand Braun Institute for Ultra High Frequency Technology (Ferdinand-Braun-Institut für Höchstfrequenztechnik, or FBH), TESAG specializes in providing epitaxial structures (particularly for diode lasers) and is a long-established supplier to Jenoptik.

Jenoptik claims that consequently it is now one of the few full-range, single-source service providers for high-power diode lasers, from producing epitaxial material in Berlin to the mounting of diode-laser bars, fiber coupling, and providing finished laser sources and systems (particularly pump sources for solid-state and fiber lasers as well as direct beam sources for medical technology and material processing). Advantages include short development times as well as flexibility in selection and configuration.

*At Photonics West, Jenoptik’s Lasers & Material Processing division will be exhibiting new developments in optics, micro-optics and laser technology, including the new JOLD-100-CPXF-2P A, which is a development of a previous fiber-coupled diode laser module but is now offered for the first time with the option of forced air cooling, with a power of 100W from a 400micron-diameter fiber (NA 0.22). Cooling without water or even a thermoelectric cooler (TEC) simplifies handling.

With such improved technology, the same fiber-coupled module is also being introduced with a higher output power of 140W with passive cooling (using industrial water, for example).

The new diode-laser module can be used for direct material processing (quasi-simultaneous welding and other applications where increased power is needed) or for pumping solid-state and fiber lasers. Volume production is planned for second-quarter 2009.

Jenoptik has also expanded its range of high-power diode-laser bars with standard wavelengths 808, 915, 938, 976nm (and special wavelengths 792, 830 and 1060nm, available on request) by adding products with the standard wavelength 880nm, which is used in the production of passively cooled diode lasers.

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