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4 May 2009


sp3 engages ATS as sales rep for CVD diamond thermal management products

sp3 Diamond Technologies Inc of Santa Clara, CA, USA, a supplier of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) diamond film products, equipment and services to markets including electronics, lasers, LEDs, semiconductors and MEMS, has engaged Adams Technical Sales (ATS) as a sales representative, with ATS president Brent Adams having primary responsibility for increasing sales for thermal management applications. ATS will target prospective customers in Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Montana and British Columbia, Canada. “ATS brings many years of solid experience in the semiconductor and component packaging markets,” says sp3’s director of sales William Peifer.

ATS will be primarily responsible for marketing sp3’s DiaTherm heat spreaders, diamond on silicon (DOS) wafers, silicon on diamond (SOD) wafers, and diamond wafer coating services. sp3 specializes in markets including microwave devices, hermetic packaging, semiconductors, high-power lasers, thick- and thin-film applications, and component packaging for commercial, military and consumer uses.

DiaTherm thick-film CVD diamond heat spreaders exhibit high thermal diffusivity and conductivity, suiting mounting structures for laser diodes, laser diode arrays, LEDs and high-power semiconductor devices (including RF).

Diamond on silicon (DOS) wafers provide a uniform deposition of diamond on wafers of all sizes (up to and including 300mm), leaving an exposed diamond surface for device developers (active circuits or MEMS).

Silicon on diamond (SOD) wafers allow thermal management via a thin layer of silicon applied on top of the diamond layer, allowing device makers to work with a known interface (silicon) on a high thermally conductive substrate.

sp3’s wafer coating services deliver a diamond CVD process for an wide range of thermal management and diamond-on-silicon applications that can be deposited on wafers up to 300mm.

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