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14 September 2009


CIS PV maker Odersun joins Global Cleantech 100

Odersun AG of Frankfurt (Oder), Germany, which designs and manufactures flexible thin-film solar cells and modules using proprietary CISCuT (copper indium disulfide on copper tape) reel-to-reel manufacturing technology, says that a jury of experts has selected it out of more than 3500 candidates as one of the 100 most promising cleantech companies worldwide.

The Global Cleantech 100 is compiled by the UK newspaper The Guardian in cooperation with Cleantech Group. For the first time a ranking list has gathered a comprehensive international collection of “companies offering technological breakthroughs that will make a large dent in the carbon problem”. The central criteria required for inclusion in the final listing were that the technology has a wide application and has previously attracted capital investment to fund its development. Odersun’s investors include Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures (UK), Virgin Green Fund (USA/UK), Advanced Technology & Materials (China), PCG Clean Energy & Technology Fund (USA), AGF Private Equity (a member of Allianz Group, France) and Valor KG (Austria). Odersun has previously been ranked 'Europe's hottest Cleantech Company' in The Guardian/Library House ‘CleanTech 100’ in September 2008.

“The integration capability of our modules makes solar energy generation suitable for more and manifold applications worldwide such as solar integrated roofs and facades [i.e. building-integrated photovoltaics (BiPV)],” says Odersun’s CEO Dr Hein van der Zeeuw.

The firm says that its CIS-based flexible solar reels can be assembled into modules of various sizes using a range of materials to package the cells. Due to this flexibility, the jury concluded that Odersun modules’ “unique ability to be integrated en masse into the fabric of the building is a huge asset”.

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