14 April 2010


Seoul Semiconductor plans Q4 launch of 150lm/w Acriche LED as 100lm/W enters production

South Korean LED maker Seoul Semiconductor says that it will begin production in late 2010 on a new lamp capable of luminous efficacy of 150lm/w (surpassing available DC LEDs).

The firm also says that, in first-quarter 2010, a 100lm/w version of its patented Acriche AC-powered lamp entered mass production.

Seoul Semiconductor says that production of the Acriche LED has become more important since the European Union began enforcing a ban on the sale of incandescent light bulbs of more than 100W last September and legislated against the use of existing inefficient electric light bulbs in all countries in the future.

The firm says that its Acriche LEDs are more efficient than halogen lamps, incandescent light bulbs and fluorescent lamps, and claims that they are the only light source that can be driven by a common alternating current (AC) power source without the need of an AC–DC converter (making it more energy- and cost-efficient than DC LEDs).

Two of the world’s three largest lighting companies have already chosen the Acriche 100lm/w for use in lighting applications. In addition, more than 100 firms are beginning to expand the applications.

“With the results of these developments, Seoul Semiconductor enhances its reputation as an environmentally friendly LED company by speeding up the development of Acriche products with high efficiency and high reliability required in the LED lighting market,” says senior vice president S.M. Lee.

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