8 January 2010


Samsung partners with Luminus on first LED-based data front projector

Luminus Devices Inc of Billerica, MA, which makes LEDs for illumination applications (including high-definition TVs, video projectors, avionics displays, and lighting systems), says that its PhlatLight PT-120 is being used as the light source in Samsung’s new XGA (1024 x 768 pixel) LED data projector (the first LED-powered data projector in the projection display industry). The firm’s PhlatLight (Photonic Lattice) LEDs are already used as the solid-state light source across all projection technologies, including 3LCD, DLP and LCOS.

Demonstrated by Luminus at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas (7–10 January), Samsung’s new XGA LED-based data projector validates that LEDs can start replacing conventional arc lamps in mainstream front projectors used in business, education and commercial applications, says Luminus. This market is forecasted by market research firm Pacific Media Associates Inc to grow to more than 6 million units in 2010. For front projectors, the high reliability of LED light sources eliminates the need for expensive lamp replacement (typically $250–400, including parts and labor), driving down the total cost of ownership and reducing the administrative burden to manage stocks of replacement lamps and disposal of used lamps.

“Samsung’s new LED data projector is a great illustration of how Luminus works in close partnership with its customers to create a new multi-million unit market for PhlatLight LEDs and demonstrates that our unique large chip technology is a great fit for mainstream data projectors,” says Luminus’ CEO Keith T.S. Ward. “In today’s challenging economic landscape, the marketplace is asking for affordable, long-lasting, lower total-cost-of-ownership projectors in the business and education markets. Luminus and Samsung are fulfilling this demand while also creating new value for our customers with next-generation technology advancements such as amazing color depth and instant start and restart functionality,” he claims.

“Samsung’s new front data projector expands our line of LED projectors for business and education markets,” says Jeong-Ho Nho, VP of Samsung’s visual display division. “PhlatLight LEDs enable new features and innovation that customers recognize and value while delivering environmentally friendly products,” he adds.

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