20 January 2010


Deep UV LED maker Sensor Electronic Technology attains ISO9001 certification

Deep ultraviolet (UV) LED maker Sensor Electronic Technology Inc (SETI) of Columbia, SC, USA says that it has gained and (as of 13 December 2009) is operating in full compliance with the international quality system standard ISO9001:2008.

“ISO9001:2008 certification validates our commitment to quality and the exceptional customer service that we have built over the past five years of commercially supplying our deep UV LED products,” says president & CEO Dr Remis Gaska.

SETI claims to be the only commercial supplier of deep ultraviolet (UV) LEDs and LED products, and offers a catalogue of wavelengths from 240nm to 400nm at output powers from 0.3mW to 50mW. The firm also offers a full portfolio of standard LED and LED Lamps as well as custom-designed devices and systems for markets including analytical instrumentation, optical sensors, process control, medical systems, and water and air purification.

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