13 July 2010


Jordan Valley launches first HR-XRD/XRR SiGe, Si:C and strained Si metrology tool

X-ray metrology tool maker Jordan Valley Semiconductors Ltd (JVS) of Migdal Haemek Israel has launched the JVX7200, which targets challenging silicon germanium (SiGe) in-line process monitoring.

The system is claimed to be the first production-worthy tool to combine HR-XRD (high-resolution x-ray diffraction) and XRR (x-ray reflectance) technologies for strain, composition, and thickness measurement of SiGe stacks for sub-45nm technology nodes.

“SiGe metrology has traditionally been very slow with only a few measurements per hour, which limits fab productivity,” says CEO & president Isaac Mazor. “The new JVX7200 tool addresses the challenge, solving this process bottleneck with more than an order-of-magnitude throughput improvement, thereby reducing response time to crises,” he adds.

The firm claims that its new JVX7200 leapfrogs contemporary in-line SiGe metrologies and combines a fast 2D HR-XRD detector for composition and relaxation measurements with an ultra-small-spot, fast XRR detector. The tool is compatible with fully automated modern fabs, and features both a small carbon footprint and a low cost of ownership.

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