14 July 2010


Lumileds improves hot/cold factor and light output with LUXEON Rebel PC Amber LED

LED maker Philips Lumileds of San Jose, CA, USA claims that its indium gallium nitride (InGaN)-based phosphor-converted LUXEON Rebel PC Amber LED is setting new performance benchmarks that are proving important not only for automotive and specialty markets but also for the illumination market. Hot/Cold factor, which indicates how much light is delivered at operating conditions as opposed to test conditions, has risen 12% at 80ºC. Lumens and lumens per watt (efficacy) performance exceed that of all other amber power LEDs, it is claimed.

Amber LEDs have been essential for automotive and construction/manufacturing lighting applications for some time, and in the lighting market they have been implemented in entertainment solutions. Now, says Lumileds, there is particular interest from the makers of retrofit bulbs designed to replace traditional incandescent lamps and replicate the color change from white to reddish-yellow as the light is dimmed.

Unlike conventional bulbs, white LEDs do not change color as they are dimmed, so the ‘color’ of the white light is always the same. Adding an amber LED to the system allows a retrofit bulb’s light to change in a way that people expect. However, amber LEDs typically have poor light output and color stability at the high temperatures found in retrofit bulbs. Lumileds says that its LUXEON Rebel PC Amber combines the same blue thin-film flip chip used in its white LUXEON LEDs. By adding proprietary Lumiramic phosphor technology, Lumileds manufactures a highly stable, reliable amber LED that performs in high application temperatures, high humidity, and high drive currents, and still delivers the light output, efficacy, and quality of light that is required.

“The InGaN-based LUXEON Rebel PC Amber with Lumiramic phosphor simplifies system design,” says VP of product marketing Frank Harder. “It gives 4–5 times the light output of AlInGaP amber products so fewer pieces can be used, and it is much more reliable and cost effective from a lumens/watt and lumens/dollar perspective,” he adds.

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