16 July 2010


Riber expects strong H2/2010 to compensate for first half

Riber S.A. of Bezons, France, which manufactures molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) systems as well as evaporation sources and effusion cells, has reported revenue of €1.5m in second-quarter 2010 (about half the €2.9m in Q1/2010). First-half 2010 revenue is €4.4m, down 26% on €5.9m in first-half 2009.

In first-half 2010, Riber delivered just two systems (worth €1.1m) compared to four in first-half 2009 (worth €3.1m). However, not included in first-half revenue are two systems worth a total of €4m that have been produced but, due to contractual timeframes, will be delivered in second-half 2010. Also, sales of evaporation sources & cells of €0.5m are half of the €1m of first-half 2009, since this year's delivery schedule is concentrated over the second half of the year. However, revenue from services & accessories grew a record 58%, from €1.7m in first-half 2009 to €2.7m in first-half 2010. 

Of total first-half 2010 revenue, 51% came from Europe, 20% from Asia and 30% from North America.

Nevertheless, Riber’s order backlog is a record €16.9m (up 178% on €6.1m a year ago), giving excellent visibility for business in second-half 2010, says Riber. Systems orders includes 10 MBE reactors (two for production and eight for research) worth €13.4m (almost triple the system order backlog of just €4.6m a year ago). The cells & accessories order backlog is €3.5m (up 130% on €1.5m a year ago). This includes the firm’s largest ever effusion cell orders, reflecting Riber’s arrival in the fast-growing solar and organic LED sectors.

Riber concludes that its very strong growth in orders backs up its business model and strategy, based on:

  • capitalizing on the installed base and growing sales of epitaxy equipment, spare parts and accessories, as well as corresponding services;
  • launching a range of high value-added equipment and services for high-growth application fields (thin-film solar cells, OLED lighting and displays etc).

Full-year 2010 revenue is expected to be about €19m (up 9% on 2009's €17.4m), enabling Riber to confirm its target for growth in profitability.

Riber will announce its earnings for first-half 2010 on 7 September (after the close of trading).

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