18 July 2010


Taiwan GaAs foundry WIN’s record revenue rises a further 2.3% in June

Taiwanese gallium arsenide foundry WIN Semiconductors has reported monthly revenue of NT$660m (US$20.55m) for June, up 2.3% on May’s previous record of NT$645m (US$20m), which had been up 5.9% on April. Second-quarter 2010 revenue totaled NT$1.91bn, up 41.1% on Q2/2009.

Driven by strong orders, especially from the handset sector, WIN’s third-quarter 2010 revenue is expected to grow about 10% sequentially from Q2, according to a report in Digitimes.

Digitimes noted in May that the foundry has enjoyed growing demand from its integrated device manufacturer (IDM) customers, which have been turning to outsourcing due to cost considerations. It has also obtained new orders from China-based design houses.

WIN is scaling up its total capacity of GaAs wafers from 10,000–12,000 units per month in May to 12,000–14,000 units per month at the end of 2010. In late June, WIN’s shareholders approved a plan to issue 100 million new shares to raise funds for ramping up manufacturing capacity, while also soliciting equity investments from its upstream and downstream production partners, reported Digitimes at the time.

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