11 June 2010


Luminus’ PhlatLight LEDs behind Samsung’s new H03 Personal Media Player and Instant Projector

Luminus Devices Inc of Billerica, MA, USA, which makes LED solid-state light sources for illumination applications, says that its PhlatLight SBT-16 LED chipset is powering Samsung’s new H03 Personal Media Player and Instant Projector.

Samsung’s H03 is a hand-held, battery powered personal appliance that displays a variety of digital content, such as pictures and movies, via its internal media player or by connecting to external devices.

The H03’s embedded WVGA projector (800 x 480, or 384,000 pixels), with PhlatLight LEDs, delivers vivid colours and improved picture quality, says the firm. Under low power battery operation, its 30 lm performance is a breakthrough for the sub 150 cm3 category and makes it possible to project large screen sizes under moderately lit environments.

“After making LEDs a reality in Home Theater Projectors, Portable Projectors and Data Projectors, Luminus is bringing the benefits of PhlatLight LEDs to personal projection appliances by delivering brightness levels required for mass adoption of such devices,” said Keith T.S. Ward, president and CEO, Luminus Devices. “Leveraging our SBT-16, Samsung is demonstrating with the H03 that palm size, battery-powered projection appliances can also be bright, making instant projection practical for countless consumer and business applications.”

“Compact and requiring little-to-no set-up time, Samsung’s H03 allows users to share digital content on a large display anywhere, anytime and is bound to enrich both their business habits and social live,” said Jeong-Ho Nho, vice president, Visual Display Division, Samsung. “Thanks to Luminus’ PhlatLight LEDs, Samsung is expanding its range of affordable LED-based displays, addressing consumers’ need for seamless, immediate information sharing.”

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