28 June 2010


Minnesota awards Veeco $800,000 funding for CIGS PV project

Epitaxial deposition, process, and metrology equipment maker Veeco Instruments Inc of Plainview NY, USA says that its operation in St. Paul, MN has been awarded $800,000 in matching funds by the Minnesota Department of Commerce’s Office of Energy Security (OES) provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to support emerging renewable energy technology.

The matching funds were awarded for a 1.5 year project that aims to expedite Veeco’s CIGS (copper indium gallium diselenide) deposition equipment technology to market. The firm says that the technology can help solar panel makers to reduce production costs and increase the feasibility of solar panels as an alternative energy.

“Veeco will facilitate the development of this critical technology, creating green energy jobs,” says David Bruns, senior VP of Veeco’s Solar Operations. “We would like to acknowledge the integral support of MN District 53B House Representative Carol McFarlane, in addition to MN District 53 Senator Sandy Rummel, MN 4th District Congresswoman Betty McCollum, and other various high-ranking elected government officials,” he adds.

In total, the state of Minnesota awarded just over $4m in funding for the Emerging Renewable Energy Industries Grant Program. Veeco’s proposal was one of about nine selected by the OES. The purpose of the grant program is to provide funding for a portion of the cost of multiple activities to promote improved economic performance of both the direct recipient and its Minnesota suppliers and customers.

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