18 March 2010


Accel-RF ships its first millimeter-wave reliability test system

Accel-RF Corp of San Diego, CA, USA has added to its family of RF reliability and performance characterization test systems by shipping and installing its first millimeter-wave test system.

The turn-key system independently performs RF life-tests and accelerated-aging performance characterization tests on 8–16 devices simultaneously. The system stresses components with elevated temperature; fixed, pulsed, or stepped DC bias; and elevated CW or pulsed millimeter-wave power to frequencies beyond 77GHz.

“Accel-RF introduced a High Power System to test application-specific gallium nitride power devices and MMICs [monolithic microwave integrated circuits] last year,” says founder & president Roland Shaw. “Now our new millimeter-wave systems significantly broaden the capability to perform RF characterization and aging effects on new compound semiconductor as well as traditional device technologies,” he adds.

Accel-RF designs and manufactures reliability test equipment for compound semiconductor manufacturers, military component manufacturers, defense contractors, and the tri-services wide-bandgap component teams. “Accel-RF now has RF reliability systems for applications ranging from cell phones, to WiFi, to radar, to satellite and military communications,” says Shaw. “These systems are not only available but installed and providing a capability for our customers to find and improve the reliability and performance degradation of their products.”

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