16 March 2010


Avago introduces SMT high brightness round and oval LED Lamps for electronic signs

Avago Technologies of San Jose, CA, USA and Singapore says it has introduced the industry's first surface mount technology (SMT) high brightness oval and round LED lamps for use in outdoor and indoor electronic signs.

Recently, market research firm ElectroniCast Consultants forecast that the global consumption of packaged LEDs used in signage & professional displays will grow to $1.4bn in 2010 and $1.81bn in 2015.

Available in Amber, Red, Green and Blue colors, the round ALMD-xx3D and oval ALMD-Lx36 LED lamps target manufacturers of full color and monochrome traffic signs, highway variable message signs, gas station price signs, and full color video wall applications used for advertising.

According to Avago, the round ALMD-xx3D and oval ALMD-Lx36 LEDs have about the same luminous intensity as conventional high brightness through-hole LED lamps and can be assembled using common SMT assembly processes. The lamps are compatible with industrial reflow soldering processes, and made with an advanced optical grade epoxy to provide superior performance in outdoor sign applications. For easy pick and place assembly, the lamps are shipped in EIA-compliant tape and reels. Each reel is shipped from a single intensity and color bin to provide better uniformity.

Features include:

  • Compact form factor with well defined spatial radiation pattern
  • Viewing angles: -- ALMD-xx3D series: 30 degrees
  • ALMD-Lx36 series: 40 by 100 degrees
  • Lens features: Tinted
  • High brightness material
  • Compatible with industrial reflow soldering processes
  • Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) 2A

ALMD-xx3D and ALMD-Lx36 LED lamps are priced from $0.24 to $0.30 each, respectively, in minimum quantities of 1,000.

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