24 March 2010


China awards JPSA patent for laser scribing technology

JP Sercel Associates Inc (JPSA) of Manchester, NH, USA, which makes UV laser-based materials processing workstations for wafer processing and micromachining, says that China P.R. has awarded it a patent covering the unique laser scribing technology used by JPSA Laser. The same technology has already been patented by JPSA in the USA, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan.

JPSA’s patented scribing technology permits an industry-leading 2.5μm kerf, which provides more die per wafer, higher throughput, less debris, minimized heat affected zone (HAZ), and faster return on investment (ROI), says the firm. Furthermore, the ChromaDice system increases throughput and yield.

Jeffrey Sercel, JPSA’s chief technology officer, says: “This patent protects our growing presence in China’s laser scribing market. JPSA has long been in the forefront of advancing new laser techniques for LED and semiconductor manufacturing, and we look forward to providing more of our high precision laser systems to manufacturers in China and throughout the world.”

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