23 March 2010


Oxford Instruments-TDI appoints Neil Wester as general manager

Oxford Instruments subsidiary Technologies and Devices International Inc (TDI) of Silver Spring, MD, USA, which develops hydride vapor phase epitaxy (HVPE) processes and techniques for the production of compound semiconductor materials including GaN, AlN, AlGaN, InN, and InGaN, has appointed Neil Wester as general manager. His key responsibility will be to oversee both product and process developments at the Silver Spring facility.

Picture: Neil Wester.

With a Masters degree in Material Science and Engineering, Wester has extensive R&D and product development experience with key players in the integrated-circuit, solar, and optoelectronic material and device industries, including TDI’s focus area of HB-LEDs.

Aimed at the LED, high efficiency laser, solar, and power IC devices markets, TDI’s proprietary HVPE technology has allowed it to develop CrystalFlex, a prototype highvolume, industrial-scale manufacturing machine for free-standing gallium nitride (GaN) materials.

Picture: Oxford Instruments' CrystalFlex multi-wafer HVPE reactor.

TDI was recently awarded $600,000 by the USA’s Maryland Energy Administration to help to expedite broad industry adoption of energy-efficient LED lighting, and to better position Maryland to become a national leader in solid-state lighting materials and equipment manufacturing.

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