10 March 2010


Veeco introduces new AFM system

Veeco Instruments Inc of   Plainview, NY, USA has introduced its Dimension Edge Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) system.

"We continue to develop and release revolutionary new AFM products, modes and system improvements aimed at enabling our customers to push scientific boundaries and set new standards in their work," said David Rossi, VP and general manager of Veeco's AFM Business. "We also want to break down the cost and productivity barriers facing today's researchers. With the Dimension Edge, Veeco again shows its dedication to making nanoscale materials and device characterization accessible to every facility and user."

Veeco says that the mid-priced Dimension Edge AFM features hardware and software advances that reduce the time required to produce expert-level data, providing a seamless path from sample placement through optical identification of the region of interest, and from AFM survey mode to zoomed-in feature identification. Its proprietary closed-loop and drift-compensated stage allow the productivity, accuracy, and sample versatility advantages of a large-sample, closed-loop system to be combined with the acquisition of high-resolution images traditionally only achieved by small-sample, open-loop systems. With lower noise levels, the system permits collection of the finer details critical to proper material identification, while protecting fragile tips and samples, and diminishing tip artefacts, says the firm.

Veeco’s Dimension Edge AFM system offers accurate imaging and the single-point spectroscopy capabilities required for many applications, including the characterization of solar and semiconductor devices.

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