18 May 2010


Ascent Solar’s CIGS PV modules installed at ProLogis’ test site

Ascent Solar Technologies Inc of Thornton, CO, USA, which manufactures flexible thin-film photovoltaic modules based on copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS), says that its BIPV class of laminates have been installed at the ProLogis Rooftop Photovoltaic Test Site located in Denver, Colorado, USA. ProLogis is a global provider of distribution facilities.

ProLogis’ test site totals 11 kWp DC of power generation capacity from 99 modules and eight different module manufacturers: Ascent Solar, First Solar, GS-Solar, MiaSole, Solyndra, Suniva, United Solar Ovonic, and Xunlight. Already generating power, the initial configuration provides side-by-side comparisons of several module technologies, including monocrystalline, glass-on-glass thin film and membrane-applied thin film modules. In addition, the installation contains 16 individually monitored strings, each designed to test a certain system parameter.

"We were the first real estate company to develop a program dedicated to accelerating the deployment of large-scale distributed solar, and now we are expanding our efforts in this area with a dedicated test site," said Walt Rakowich, chief executive officer of ProLogis. "As PV technologies evolve and new companies enter the market, it is critical that ProLogis understands the technology and installation differences to ensure we arrive at the optimal solutions for our installations at each building and location. We are proud of the growth of this program and what it means to the renewable energy industry."

Farhad Moghadam, president and CEO of Ascent Solar, added; "We commend ProLogis for establishing this test site to open the door for testing of emerging technologies such as ours in parallel with other established PV technologies. This important installation for Ascent Solar will provide us with valuable, real time performance data that's critical in setting the stage for our product readiness in rooftop and building integrated market opportunities."  

As a part of the test site, ProLogis has partnered with HatiCon Solar to design a new racking system for utility-scale rooftop solar installations. Matt Singleton, vice president of renewable energy at ProLogis, said: "As a real estate developer and owner, we seek the most compatible solution for our rooftop installations, both in terms of structural loads and roof integrity. This new attached rack design combines standardized, lightweight aluminum parts with the long-term assurance of a maintainable and warrantable watertight connection to our buildings."

ProLogis has solar projects installed or under construction on 32 buildings throughout France, Germany, Japan, Spain and the United States. The installations cover more than 10.6 million square feet of roof space and total 24.6 MW.

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