27 October 2010


Veeco/NAMBE 2010 MBE Innovator Award goes to Boston University's Theodore Moustakas

The 2010 MBE Innovator Award, co-sponsored by epitaxial deposition and process equipment maker Veeco Instruments Inc of Plainview, NY, USA and the North American Molecular Beam Epitaxy (NAMBE) organization, has been awarded to professor Theodore Moustakas of Boston University’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. Moustakas was presented with the award at this year’s NAMBE Conference in Breckenridge, CO on September 28.

Initiated eight years ago, the MBE Innovator Award (consisting of a $3000 honorarium and plaque) recognizes those individuals whose innovations have significantly advanced the field MBE in the following categories: (1) materials research; (2) device development; (3) device commercialization; or (4) equipment development.

NAMBE selected Moustakas for his pioneering contributions in the development of MBE growth of nitride materials and the development of nitride optoelectronic devices prepared by MBE. Particular contributions include the use of MBE for the synthesis and device fabrication of LEDs, laser diodes, photodetectors, and optical modulators operating in the visible and ultraviolet range. He is the co-editor of eight books, has authored 300 papers, and has been granted 25 US patents (with several more pending). Intellectual property transpiring from his work has been licensed to a number of firms, including major manufacturers of blue LEDs and lasers.

“Veeco congratulates professor Moustakas on his great, long-standing success in the field of MBE, and furthermore we reiterate our sincere appreciation to all innovative contributors in MBE,” says Jim Northup, general manager/VP, Veeco St. Paul Operations. “We support this award as a key driver in the continuing expansion of MBE technology into eligible markets.”

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