20 September 2010


Opnext and Ixia demonstrate 40 Gigabit transceiver

At ECOC 2010 in Turin, Italy (20-22 September), Opnext Inc of Fremont, CA, USA and Ixia, a provider of converged IP network test solutions, will demonstrate error-free, line-rate transmission of 40 GbE traffic using the new Opnext 40GBASE-LR4 CFP transceiver module and the Ixia K2 higher speed Ethernet (HSE) test solution.

Opnext’s TRC5B20 module is a pluggable optical transceiver enabling 40Gbps Ethernet and SONET traffic transmission over 10km single mode fiber (SMF). It supports four data rates: 39.8Gbps, 41.25Gbps, 43.0Gbps and 44.6Gbps and can be used in both datacom and telecom applications. The module’s performance is showcased in the IXIA K2 higher speed Ethernet test solution. The K2 platform is a complete IEEE 802.3ba-2010 standard compliant test solution from layer 1 through layer 7, including bit error rate tests as well as PCS lanes verification.

"We are pleased to see a great deal of interest in the newest addition to our 40G product line," said Josef Berger, director of Product Marketing at Opnext. "Customers value the versatility of this module because it can be used for both 40G Ethernet and SONET/OTU3e applications in switches, routers and other transport equipment. In addition, the module incorporates Opnext's state-of-the-art uncooled direct modulated DFB lasers, which enable a low power solution for the market. With the help of Ixia's K2 test solution, we are showcasing the stable transmission of IP traffic via our optical transceiver."

"Higher speed Ethernet is real and ready to go," said David Schneider, Sr. manager of Market Development at Ixia. "All the components -- transceivers, cables, on-board electronics and test/system interfaces -- are inter-operating well. We expect to see 40 GbE interfaces in multiple data center products this year, especially high speed switches. Opnext 40G optical transceiver modules are a key enabling product for these switches."

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