14 February 2011

LED lamp consumption for general lighting in US to grow at 27.6% to $1.64bn in 2015

The consumption value of LED lamps used in solid-state lighting (SSL) general lighting applications in the USA was $485m in 2010, and will rise at an average annual growth rate of 27.6% to $1.64bn in 2015, forecasts market research firm ElectroniCast Consultants in a new market review on ‘consumer-level bulbs’ used in luminaires in stationary/fixed location (non-vehicle/non-portable) SSL applications.

“The lamps are lamps are used in new construction, as well as retrofitting/replacement of existing (installed-based) lamps,” says Stephen Montgomery, principal analyst — LED Practice at ElectroniCast.

The US market is segmented into the following major application categories: government; commercial/industrial; and residential/non-specific. The report also breaks-out the forecast by six major lamp types: parabolic aluminized reflector (PAR); general service (A-type); decorative; multi-faceted reflector (MR) compatible; linear/tube; and lamps used in street-lights/exterior lighting.

“The PAR lamps are currently the market leader, with over 40% market share; however, the MR- lamp type (especially the MR-16 lamps) used in recessed ceiling/down-lighting and track lighting is on a fast pace to catch-up, pushed by the commercial/industrial sector,” says Montgomery. “The general service (especially the A-19 lamp) also is a stand-out in the forecast, especially in potential residential applications, later in the forecast period,” he adds.

The increased use of LED-based lamps in SSL general lighting is strongly driven by promised savings in maintenance/labor, as well as ‘green tech’ (ecology-oriented) issues, and several other dynamics, says ElectroniCast. The total cost of ownership (TCO) is a key marketing dynamic relative to LED lamps, which typically have a premium price point versus other lighting solutions.

“Decorative lamps (such as candle-shapes and globes) is a smaller market segment; however, it is forecast to be a great opportunity for niche-players,” says Montgomery. “The linear (tube) lamp, which is eyeing the fluorescent tube market segment, is forecast with the fastest annual growth of over 70% (2010–2015),” he adds. “Finally, the street-lamp segment, which also covers parks/campus, tunnels, walkways and parking lots, is poised for 40.5% (value) growth per year, spear-headed by the government sector.”

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