9 February 2011

Opto Diode launches high-output red LED

Opto Diode Corp of Newbury Park, CA, USA (a division in the Photonics Group of ITW), which makes photodetectors as well as visible and infrared light-emitting diodes, has launched the OD-624L high-output red LED.

The second product to be introduced in Opto Diode’s high-output LED series has a dominant emission wavelength at 624nm (typical) and features a narrow beam angle that suits fluorescence in medical, scientific testing instruments, and forensic applications.

The new device delivers total power output ranging from 80mW (minimum) to 170mW (typical). Under test conditions of forward current (lF) = 350mA, the peak emission wavelength is typically 635nm and the spectral bandwidth at 50% is 40nm.

The LED is offered in a hermetically sealed TO-5 can with three leads. Under absolute maximum ratings at 25ºC, the continuous forward current is 500mA, with reverse voltage of 10V. The lead soldering temperature (1/16 inch from the case for 10 seconds) is 260ºC, making the LED easy and convenient to install into new and/or existing lighting systems, says the firm. Thermal parameters for storage and operating temperatures range from –55ºC to 100ºC, with the maximum junction temperature at 115ºC.

The OD-624L LEDs are priced at $10.25 each (minimum order: 100 pieces).

Founded in 1981, Opto Diode Corp was acquired in October 2008 by Illinois Tools Works Inc (ITW) of Glenview, IL, joining in ITW’s Opto Electronics Group with fellow subsidiaries Lumex, which designs and manufactures user-interface technology (optoelectronic components, devices and displays), and Cal Sensors, which makes lead selenide (PbSe) and lead sulfide (PbS) infrared detectors, arrays and emitters.

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