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3 November 2014

SEMI-GAS Systems launches mini gas enclosure model for sub-atmospheric gas delivery

SEMI-GAS Systems, a division of Applied Energy Systems Inc of Malvern, PA, USA and a manufacturer of high-purity gas source and distribution systems, is offering the Xturion MGE-XV, a new custom mini gas enclosure model that stores and delivers hazardous gases at sub-atmospheric pressures from small process cylinders. The MGE-XV is targeted at increasing operator safety and significantly reducing the risk of large, rapid gas cylinder leaks by drawing very low-pressure gases from a vacuum in the process tool. It harbors two separate steel compartments, each containing a sub-atmospheric gas delivery manifold, which feed two completely independent gas processes in one consolidated package.

“We continuously strive to design systems that minimize risks involved with the handling of hazardous production materials,” says SEMI-GAS Systems division manager Jim Murphy. “By developing the new MGE-XV system for delivering sub-atmospheric gases, we are significantly reducing the odds of a potential gas leak for our electronics manufacturers and ion implant gas users.”

The MGE-XV uses a SEMI-GAS GigaGuard GSM controller to continuously monitor system delivery pressures and user-specified alarms. The controller’s proprietary software makes cylinder changes, purging sequences and system monitoring seamless on the 4.3” color touch screen. If a process deviates from normal operation, an automatic shutdown will occur and visual and audible signals will signify a change in status to the operator.

All MGE-XV systems are custom engineered to meet each user’s application, operational preferences, and process specifications. To further provide a flexible, precisely tailored fit-up, each unit is equipped with adjustable steel shelves and cylinder straps as well as adjustable exhaust ducts. Reinforced mounting holes are included for wall installations, and a welded steel rack option is also available to accommodate any free-standing facility requirements.

All MGE-X systems include an 11-gauge steel enclosure and meet uniform fire code requirements. Self-closing and lockable doors and windows, as well as a UL-approved fire sprinkler and ΒΌ” safety glass windows are standard MGE safety containment features for handling hazardous production materials.

As with all SEMI-GAS ultra-high-purity gas systems, the internal manifold components are orbitally welded, helium leak-tested, and certified to meet the highest industry standards, and all valves, regulators, gauges, tubing and fitting bodies are 316L stainless steel to resist breakdown from any corrosive chemicals.

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