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12 April 2016

ClassOne completes new round of funding from Salem Investment Partners

ClassOne Technology of Kalispell, MT, USA, which manufactures wet-chemical processing equipment including Solstice electroplating systems (especially for emerging markets and other cost-conscious users of ≤200mm substrates), has announced the completion of a major new round of funding from Salem Investment Partners of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The announcement was made jointly by ClassOne's CEO Byron Exarcos and Salem Investment Partners vice president Meredith Jolly.

"It is evident that 2016 will be another significant growth year for ClassOne Technology," says Exarcos. "With this new funding we will fill order backlogs and address a forecast that is strong and rapidly increasing," he adds.

"This surge in business is coming from the many emerging markets that build products on 200mm and smaller substrates. These users are looking for advanced plating performance at an affordable price — and that's precisely what Solstice systems are designed for. As a result, more and more of these companies are ordering our tools. And that now includes many of the top-tier manufacturers from around the world," Exarcos says.  
"We're delighted to see the exceptional and sustained growth that ClassOne Technology is achieving across the USA, Europe and Asia," comments Jolly. "It's even more remarkable given that the company just introduced the Solstice system two years ago."

The Solstice electroplating line serves cost-sensitive markets such as MEMS, sensors, LEDs, optoelectronics, and RF. Designed specifically for ≤200mm wafer processing, the systems are available in three different models and can electroplate a range of metals and alloys, either on transparent or opaque substrates. Also, in March the firm unveiled its Plating-Plus capability, which allows Solstice to perform additional processing — such as metal lift-off, resist strip and UBM (under-bump metallization) etch — along with plating, all on a single tool. In addition to plating equipment, ClassOne also provides spin rinse dryers, spray solvent tools, and advanced software.

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