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6 September 2016

Lumileds adds to LUXEON Stylist Series with FreshFocus Technology for red meat, marbled meat and fish

LED maker Lumileds of San Jose, CA, USA has introduced FreshFocus Technology for red meat, marbled meat and fish, as part of its LUXEON Stylist Series of LEDs (designed to provide the lighting environment for fashion retail stores, fresh food markets and restaurants). Previously, at the end of August, the firm introduced FreshFocus Technology tailored to showcasing fruit and vegetable produce.

FreshFocus Technology accentuates the natural colors of fish and meat items by identifying the ultimate color point to bring out the characteristics of these foods. For instance, LEDs with a cool daylight tone of 6500K on the blackbody curve best accentuate the natural colors in fresh fish. For red beef, a below-blackbody color point at an ultra-warm 2200K color temperature makes the reds appear rich and vibrant. Marbled meats appear best when lit with LEDs at a below-blackbody 3500K color temperature. With below-blackbody color points, a higher color gamut enables more fully saturated color depiction.

"Our FreshFocus Technology gives supermarkets one more way to differentiate their fresh food areas by really showcasing the visual attractiveness and colors of their items," says Luis AceƱa, senior manager, Stylist Series. He adds that markets throw away unsold or expired meats, which decreases revenues by 4% on average. By implementing LED lighting, which does not emit heat or UV light, such food waste is minimized. "The improved lighting with FreshFocus Technology has been shown to increase sales and provide a return on investment in about a year," he adds.

FreshFocus Technology can be incorporated into omnidirectional, spotlight and downlight and built-to-spec lighting solutions. Specifically, FreshFocus for red meat and fish is available in LUXEON CoB 1208 and 1211 arrays, which produce 2000 and 2800 lumens when driven at currents of 900mA and 1200mA, respectively. FreshFocus for marbled meat is available in the LUXEON 3014 LED, to be used in linear luminaires such as T5 and T8 equivalent lamps. LUXEON CoB arrays with FreshFocus Technology for marbled meat will also be available in the coming weeks. Lighting designers can also deploy the Matrix Platform using LUXEON 3014 or other LUXEON LEDs with FreshFocus to configure linear luminaires or troffer replacements with rapid time to market.

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Lumileds introduces LUXEON Stylist Series of LEDs optimized for fashion retail, fresh food and restaurant industries

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Visit: www.lumileds.com/StylistSeries

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