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25 July 2019

Seoul Semiconductor’s SunLike Series natural-spectrum LEDs enhance crop yields, antioxidant content

South Korean LED maker Seoul Semiconductor Co Ltd has announced the results of a series of experiments that demonstrated a higher growth rate and higher flavonol (antioxidant) content in crops grown under its SunLike Series natural-spectrum LEDs than those grown under standard white LEDs.

The experiments were conducted on lettuce using SunLike Series LED lighting and standard white LED lighting of the same color temperature and light intensity. After two weeks of crop growth, the fresh weight of lettuce grown under SunLike Series LEDs was 43g (13.5% higher than the yield produced by standard white LEDs) and the flavonol content had a measured antioxidant effect of 0.55 (41% higher).

The significant difference in growth and flavonol content is directly related to light spectrum output (the combined wavelengths of energy produced by a light source). SunLike Series LEDs were able to promote more growth due to having a spectral output that more closely matches the spectrum of natural sunlight, says the firm. The experiment hence concluded that SunLike Series natural-spectrum LEDs can shorten the growth period of crops while enhancing yield, quality and marketability.

“According to the results of this experiment, LED light sources with the same measured correlated color temperature and intensity but different spectral output may produce different effects on the growth rate and nutritional content of crops,” says Nam Ki-bum, sales executive VP. “Therefore, growers using greenhouses and indoor farms will benefit by selecting horticulture LED lighting sources that offer a natural spectrum close to sunlight – one of the key factors in the growth cycle of plants,” he adds. “As an optimized horticulture LED solution, Seoul Semiconductor’s SunLike Series natural-spectrum LEDs will deliver significant benefits to enhance growth cycles and the year-round development of crops, as well as improve the overall growth environment.”

Seoul Semiconductor notes that SunLike Series natural-spectrum LEDs have been adopted for numerous horticultural applications as a lighting solution for indoor farms, including Netherlands-based horticultural lighting specialist company Rofianda B.V.

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