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3 August 2007


Bruker introduces D2 Cryso for GaAs, SiC and more

Analytical X-ray systems maker Bruker AXS of Karlsruhe, Germany has introduced its new D2 Cryso system, a bench-top crystal orientation analyzer which utilizes a patented method of energy dispersive X-ray diffraction (ED-XRD).

Bruker says that the new system is an ideal tool for determining the lattice orientations of medium and large semiconductor single crystals, including gallium arsenide (GaAs), silicon carbide (SiC), silicon (Si), and germanium (Ge).

According to the company, its patented ED-XRD method eliminates the need for multiple rotation axes or area detectors. The D2 Cryso uses Bruker’s new 30mm XFlash silicone-drift detector (SDD), and requires no cooling water.

"The new D2 Cryso will allow easy, fully automatic crystal orientation analysis in QC," said Dr Ning Yang, applications scientist at Bruker AXS. “Even novice users will get the job done quickly and precisely, but there’s also an impressive expert mode for crystal growth R&D.”

Frank Burgaezy, executive VP at Bruker AXS, added: “The D2 Cryso is another innovative system in our successful XRD product line, and really offers for the first time ‘crystal orientation out of the box’.”

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