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21 February 2007


Nichia achieves 320mW pulsed operation of blue-violet laser diode

Japan’s Nichia Corp says it has succeeded in developing high-power blue-violet laser diodes corresponding to a double-layer disc at more than 10x record speed (a quad-layer disc at more than 2x record speed) for next-generation DVD recorders.

The company says it has confirmed that the estimated life-time exceeded 10,000 hours. Stable operation was achieved for 1000 hours under 320mW pulsed operation at a temperature of 80°C.

The laser diode market is expected to expand dramatically with the launch of the next-generation DVD market. Nichia says it aims to meet demand by expanding production capacity and improving product quality.

Last October, rival Sharp Corp started production of a 406nm blue-violet laser for Blu-Ray Disc and HD-DVD players, but initially with low power for read-only applications. However, the firm said that was also developing a high-power, pulsed-wave laser that will output 130-210mW.

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