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23 January 2007


Philips Lumileds claims white LED record of 115lm/Watt at 350mA

Philips Lumileds of San Jose, CA, USA is claiming new performance records for high-power white LEDs. Based on a 1x1 mm 2 chip, its white LEDs deliver 502 lumens when operating at 2A (a luminous efficiency of 61 lumens/Watt) and 136 lumens when operating at just 350mA (an efficiency of 115 lumens/Watt) - the first high-power LEDs to break through the 100lm/W mark, it is claimed. Also, the correlated color temperature (CCT) is 4685K (significantly lower than those typically reported, the firm claims).

In early December, Seoul Semiconductor launched a single-chip white LED with a luminous efficiency of 100lm/W at 350mA. Last June Cree reported a white LED chip delivering 131lm/W, then in mid-December Nichia reported a white LED delivering 150lm/W, but both of these were at a driving current of 20mA.

Philips Lumileds says that, while performance numbers continue to increase for low-power LEDs operating at lower currents such as 20mA, high-power LEDs are required to deliver the quality and quantity of light required for lighting applications. The output of Philips Lumileds’ latest LED technology is 17 times greater at the same power than was available in 1999 when the firm introduced the first high-power LED.

The company says it has achieved the results by combining several new technologies that it has developed. The first devices using these technologies will be introduced in a new generation of products this quarter. The technology will then continue to appear in both new and existing products throughout the next 12-18 months. Philips Lumileds claims that such breakthroughs in epitaxy, device physics, phosphor, and packaging technologies are critical to delivering the performance required for light sources.

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