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4 June 2007


Cree and RFMD showcase GaN HEMTs at IEEE MTT-S 2007

At this week’s IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium (IMS 2007) in Honolulu, Hawaii, Cree Inc of Durham, NC, USA has announced sample availability of a new addition to its general-purpose GaN HEMT product line that features the industry’s smallest package footprint (0.15” x 0.54” or 0.15” x 0.2”) for a 25W transistor, the firm claims.

The CGH40025 covers broadband applications operating at DC to 6GHz frequencies, and typically produces 30W of RF output power at 55% drain efficiency with 14dB of gain when used in a 3.6GHz amplifier.

“The CGH40025F is targeted for numerous applications requiring broad instantaneous bandwidth and high power where amplifier form factor and weight are critical,” says Jim Milligan, business area manager for RF products.

Cree is also demonstrating a broadband power amplifier (based on its CGH40045F 45W RF power GaN HEMT) that produces 15dB of gain, 50W of saturated output power (PSAT) and 45% drain efficiency over an instantaneous bandwidth of 500MHz to 2.0GHz. The device’s performance is suited to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and reconfigurable base-station applications, the firm says.

Meanwhile, RF Micro Devices Inc of Greensboro, NC, USA is conducting two RF product demonstrations featuring its first-generation GaN high-power transistor technology for commercial and military applications:

  • The RF3934 is a 48V, 120W power transistor in RFMD’s RF393X product family, which offers power performance of 10-120W and very wide tunable bandwidth. The RF393X family also offers very high peak efficiency, and is suitable for applications such as broadcast, cellular wireless infrastructure, high-power radar, aerospace and avionics, the firm says.
  • The RF3825 is a 28V, 10W broadband PowerIC that, in a single, size-reduced solution, delivers 10W power performance over multiple octaves in frequency (from 225MHz to 1800MHz). It is the widest bandwidth product in RFMD’s RF382X product family, which offers high peak efficiency across the operating bandwidth, the firm claims, and is suitable for applications such as 3G cellular infrastructure, military communications, software-definable radios (SDRs) and public mobile radio.

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