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30 March 2007


Rueil-Malmaison plant sale boosts Riber to €10.4 net profit

For full year 2006 ended December 31, MBE equipment maker Riber of Bezons, France has reported sales revenue of *€20.0m, a 14% increase over 2005 revenue of €17.6m. The company’s gross profit margin was €6.5m (33% of sales), down from 2005’s €7.2m (41% of sales).

Compared to a loss of €0.9m in 2005, Riber recorded a consolidated net profit for fiscal 2006 of a massive €10.4m, but most of it was generated by the net income of €10.6m from the sale of the company’s Rueil-Malmaison plant. By comparison, profit from operations (profit before the Rueil-Malmaison sale) was only €0.1m, but still an increase of €1.0m over 2005’s €0.9 loss.

As of March 29, 2007, Riber’s sales order backlog was €8.5m, and company projects 2007 fiscal year sales ranging from €16.0m to €20.0m.

*Note: Riber reported fiscal 2006 sales revenue of €20.1m in January 2007 (see related item below), but subsequently revised the figure down to € 20.0m after closing operations.

See related item for in-depth sales breakdown:

Riber sales rose 14% in 2006