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11 May 2007


Rohm’s PicoLED-eco halves energy consumption

In response to the demand for higher brightness with lower power consumption, Rohm Co Ltd of Kyoto, Japan has developed the PicoLED-eco (SML-P11 series) ultra-compact AlGaInP-based red, orange, yellow and green LED. It supplements the SML-P12 series of red, orange, yellow, green LEDs in the PicoLED range, which Rohm claims has the smallest, thinnest LED package in the industry: 1.0mm by 0.6mm by just 0.2mm high - 53% and 74% smaller in area and volume, respectively, than the conventional 1608(0603) size.

Rohm claims that, in the low-current regime of 1mA, PicoLED-eco’s patented technology yields about twice the brightness compared to conventional products. Conversely, at the same brightness, energy consumption is approximately halved. Also, the high-reliability AlGaInP structure prevents brightness degradation, even after long-term continuous use. This suits use in compact portable devices such as mobile phones (increasing battery life) as well as small, thin, low-energy products such as 1.5mm-pitch high-density dot matrices and 0.2-inch font-height seven-segment light sources (which were previously impossible to develop, the firm claims).

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