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20 November 2007


Cree’s new green XR-E LEDs boost brightness by 70%

LED maker Cree Inc of Durham, NC, USA has announced commercial availability of green XLamp XR-E LEDs that are 70% brighter than its previous green power LEDs.

The new LED produces maximum luminous flux of 87.5 lumens at 350mA. The new LEDs complement the firm’s blue XR-E LEDs (launched in June, which also boosted blue power LED brightness by 70%), enabling RGB LED applications.

“Cree’s new green and blue XLamp XR-E LEDs deliver a significant performance increase for the LED industry,” claims Norbert Hiller, VP and general manager for lighting LEDs. “These new XLamp LEDs allow our customers to build more-efficient color-changing LED lighting systems and fixtures using fewer LEDs,” he adds. “Performance boosts at this level make RGB LED systems far easier to design and more cost-effective.”

Cree’s green and blue XR-E LEDs are the newest lighting-class members of its XLamp XR-E family, which includes warm-white and cool-white LEDs.

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