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14 November 2007


Semiconductor Today's Bookstore opens for business

Cheltenham, UK, 14 November 2007: Juno Publishing and Media Solutions Ltd, the publisher of Semiconductor Today magazine, is pleased to announce that, following the establishment of a collaborative agreement with Yole Développement of Lyon, France earlier this year, Yole's compound semiconductor and advanced silicon market research reports are now available for purchase from Semiconductor Today's website. Visit the Bookstore.

In addition to the sales agreement, Semiconductor Today and Yole will exchange editorial material, which will then be made freely available through the companies' websites and electronic newsletters.

“Yole Développement is renowned as a leading supplier of high-quality market research covering compound semiconductors and advanced silicon materials and
devices, and as such its focus fits perfectly with that of Semiconductor Today’s,” says Darren Cummings, joint managing director of Juno Publishing and Media Solutions Ltd. “I am pleased to see the launch of this service,
and to be able to offer Yole's research to Semiconductor Today's audience.”

“Semiconductor Today’s content is totally in line with the scope of the theme that Philippe Roussel has been managing at Yole Développement for almost 10 years and, thanks to our Japanese agent, our compound semiconductor reports have become reference material,” says Yole’s founder
Jean Christophe Eloy. “We are glad that Juno will help us to achieve the same status in the English-speaking world,” he adds.

About Semiconductor Today:

Published by Juno Publishing and Media Solutions Ltd, Semiconductor Today magazine covers the compound semiconductor and advanced silicon industries. Available free of charge in a digital format, or in printed form on a paid-subscription basis, Semiconductor Today is an information-hub for thousands of scientists, engineers, and executives involved in the manufacturing and R&D of compound semiconductor and advanced silicon materials and devices. In addition to the monthly magazine, Semiconductor Today's online resource provides daily news updates, feature articles, a recruitment section, an events calendar, a suppliers' directory, and a bookstore.

Semiconductor Today’s editorial content covers:

  • III-V materials, e.g. gallium arsenide (GaAs), indium phosphide (InP) and nitrides (InGaN).
  • II-VI materials, e.g. cadmium mercury telluride (CdHgTe) and zinc selenide (ZnSe).
  • IV-IV materials, e.g. silicon carbide (SiC) and silicon germanium (SiGe).
  • Advanced silicon technology such as strained silicon and silicon-on-insulator (SOI).
  • Applications covered include wireless communications, fiber-optic communications, LEDs, and solar cells. In addition, attention is given to areas where compound semiconductor and advanced silicon technologies converge.

About Yole Développement:

Yole Développement is a market research and strategy consulting company. Yole Développement offers various kinds of services:

  • Custom market research and technology/strategy analysis.
  • Marketing and communication services through MicroNews.
  • Market reports.

Founded in 1998, Yole Développement is the world leader in the analysis of the microtechnology and compound semiconductor markets. Each day, Yole's team of 18 consultants is in contact with the key industrial companies, R&D institutes and investors worldwide in order to help them to understand the market and technology trends. Yole Développement's market research takes into account the
complete value chain, including materials and equipment suppliers, device & system manufacturers and devices.

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