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9 October 2007


Kyma’s PolyGaN targets expanding range

Nitride substrate maker Kyma Technologies Inc of Raleigh, NC, USA has added a new, denser form of ultra-high-purity polycrystalline gallium nitride targets to its PolyGaN product line.

Kyma says that its PolyGaN products are manufactured using a proprietary process that applies many of the features of the firm’s patent-protected native GaN boule growth process, which it claims are the highest-purity polycrystalline GaN products available.

Compared to the firm’s PolyGaN pellets (99.99% or 4-nines), which have been offered since 2005, the new product is a lower-surface-area, denser and higher-purity form of PolyGaN. The targets have purity levels of 99.999% (5-nines) or higher (5-nines+) and are available in cylindrical disk form with diameters of 2”, 3” and 4” at thicknesses of 2-10mm.

The PolyGaN targets represent a new standard in polycrystalline GaN in terms of purity, density, and low surface area, which provides benefits in terms of greater ease of handling and improved purity and control in users’ processes, claims Dr Ed Preble, Kyma’s chief operating officer.

Applications include:

  • targets for plasma sputtering of III-nitride thin films;
  • targets for pulsed laser deposition (PLD) of III-nitride device layers;
  • feedstock for ammonothermal growth of bulk crystalline GaN;
  • source material for sublimation growth of bulk crystalline GaN.

“Our original PolyGaN pellet products have already been successfully demonstrated in multiple processes by multiple customers,” says Dr Keith Evans, president and CEO.

In addition, special arrangements are possible. “While or primary supply model is to be a direct supplier, we are open to strategic arrangements in which we can help our customers develop their own manufacturing capacity,” Evans adds.

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