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2 October 2007


Oxford Instruments launches OpAL ALD system

OpAL RPT system from OIPTOxford Instruments Plasma Technology (OIPT) Ltd of Yatton, UK has announced the launch of its OpAL atomic layer deposition (ALD) system for advanced silicon-based semiconductor and other nanotechnology applications.

Complementing the company's load-locked FlexAL ALD process tool, the OpAL offers a compact open-loading system based on OIPT’s Plasmalab80Plus process tool platform. Capable of handling the processing of full 200 mm (8-inch) wafers down to small wafer pieces, the OpAL is designed for both academic and industry R&D. The base thermal ALD system can be upgraded with a remote plasma ALD source, which allows for the widest possible choice of precursor chemistry with enhanced film quality; plasma enables low-temperature ALD processes while the remote source maintains low damage. Liquid or solid precursors can be heated to 200°C and bubbled with argon, and are housed inside an extracted stainless steel cabinet providing safe management of hazardous precursors, located within the tool to minimise delivery line length.

OIPT says it has already received five orders from customers in Europe, Asia and the USA, for both thermal OpAL-T and combined thermal/plasma OpAL-RPT systems.

“OpAL offers a high-quality entry route into atomic layer deposition with an excellent range of process capability and uncompromised tool standards,” said Oxford Instruments’ ALD applications specialist, Chris Hodson. “Our intention has always been to offer our customers a family of ALD solutions, and together the OpAL and FlexAL tools give choice with trusted and reliable hardware platforms.”

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