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28 September 2007


Advanced Photonix closing Dodgeville assembly facility

Advanced Photonix Inc (API) of Ann Arbor, MI, USA has decided to close its assembly facility in Dodgeville, WI (which produced silicon photodiodes in PIN, large-area APD and FILTRODE configurations) by the end of this year and transfer all operations to its Camarillo, CA facility. API acquired the Dodgeville operation as part of its acquisition of Silicon Sensors LLC in August 2002.

The decision is based on assessing capacity requirements considering growth within the Optosolutions Product Platform; the recent upgrading and current ongoing consolidation of existing wafer fabrication production to its InGaAs and InP optical receiver manufacturing facility in Ann Arbor; and the general operating requirements at each of the firm’s three manufacturing facilities. The company concluded that it was necessary to adjust production capacity to more appropriately match product demand and customer requirements, while improving the efficiency of overall manufacturing operations in the Optosolutions Product Platform.

API says it will take a one time charge for the closure of about $520,000 in its fiscal second quarter (to end September), and will be laying off the 31 Dodgeville staff by the end of this year. Based on anticipated product demand, the firm will most likely require a modest increase in the direct labor force at Camarillo over time, but no additional staffing decisions have yet been made.

“The consolidation, while not pleasant, is in the best interest of our shareholders,” says chairman and CEO Rick Kurtz. “We will work with our Dodgeville employees to insure a smooth transition.”

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