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10 September 2007


Cree achieves 1000 lumens from single-die LED

Cree Inc of Durham, NC, USA has demonstrated light output from a single-die R&D LED, driven at 4 Amps, of 1050 lumens in cool white (equivalent to the output level of a standard household light bulb) and 760 lumens in a warm-white version.

Luminous efficacies are 72 lumens per watt for the cool-white LED and 52 lumens per watt for the warm-white LED (both substantially higher than those of conventional light bulbs).

Cree says that, historically, its R&D demonstrations have generally been commercialized within 12-24 months. “Cree’s XLamp LEDs are the best-performing commercially available LEDs,” claims co-founder and director of advanced optoelectronics John Edmond. “But we won’t be satisfied until light bulbs are obsolete,” he adds. “We’ve worked 20 years to achieve lighting-class LED performance, and we still have plenty of ways to advance the technology further.”

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