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11 July 2007


Lumileds boosts Luxeon Rebel LED to 100lm

Philips Lumileds Lighting Company of San Jose, CA, USA has extended its Luxeon Rebel family of cool-white LEDs (launched in March) to new products with minimum luminous fluxes of 90 and 100lm at 350mA. The new LEDs join the existing 70 and 80lm products. Luxeon Rebel has already sold more than 1 million units (making it the fastest growing product line for lighting applications in Lumileds’ history).

“Luxeon Rebel has the most detailed reliability information. Design confidence is critical too and therefore we provide useful minimum performance data as opposed to ‘typical’ or ‘up to’ output numbers that aren’t useful in the design process,” says product manager David Eastley.

“Customers sampling the minimum 90 lumen and minimum 100 lumen parts over the last few months are convinced that Luxeon Rebel’s performance will enable new product opportunities; and we are certain that these parts will deliver substantial new design activity,” Eastley adds. “ Luxeon Rebel has been extremely well received by the lighting community because of its small size, performance and value it delivers,” he claims.

The new Luxeon Rebel minimum 90 and 100lm parts are available from via Future Lighting Solutions (a division of Future Electronics, the world’s third largest electronic components distributor).

*Lumileds introduces TFFC technology to boost performnce for lighting applications

Each Luxeon Rebel LEDs incorporates the firm’s newly introduced Thin Film Flip Chip (TFFC) technology, which delivers as much as 17% more light output than competing thin-film chip architectures, Lumileds claims.

The TFFC process involves removal of the sapphire substrate and roughening of the chip’s light-emitting surface to improve light output efficiency. The brighter and more robust technology is also implemented in Lumileds’ Luxeon Flash as well as Luxeon Rebel families.

“White Luxeon LEDs with TFFC are capable of delivering more than 80lm/W at 350mA,” says Frank Steranka, executive VP of research and development. “TFFC technology allows us to maximize the light-emitting area and minimize thermal resistance, resulting in brighter and more efficient LEDs. These attributes are required for applications in general lighting, automotive lighting, display, and projection.”

Lumileds reckons that its TFFC technology should lead to 100lm/W and higher white power-LEDs in the coming year and, in the longer term, achieve performance levels of 150lm/W and above. “The TFFC architecture is a pre-requisite for additional innovations from Philips Lumileds’ Advanced Labs group, some of which were used to achieve our record 115lm/W performance earlier this year,” says Steranka. “We will continue to move technologies from our Advanced Labs group into R&D and Manufacturing,” he adds. “This process provides for a continuum of performance improvements in the chip, phosphor, and packaging areas.”

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