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31 October 2006


MBE awards for Horikoshi and Hoke

Veeco Instruments Inc of St. Paul, MN, USA announced that the 2006 Al Cho Award, co-sponsored by Veeco, has been won by Professor Yoshiji Horikoshi of Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan. Horikoshi received the award at this year’s International MBE Conference, which took place in Tokyo on September 7, for his pioneering contributions to MBE with the invention of Migration Enhanced Epitaxy (MEE), producing a near-perfect atomic surface arrangement.

Earlier this month, Dr William E. Hoke of Raytheon won the 2006 MBE Innovator Award, which was co-sponsored by Veeco and the North American MBE organization. Hoke won the award for his contributions in the field of metamorphic growth of HEMTs, HBTs, and PIN photodetectors. See related item.