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14 August 2008


QPC receives order for custom green laser for digital office equipment

QPC Lasers Inc of Los Angeles suburb Sylmar, CA, USA, which manufactures high-power lasers for consumer, industrial, defense and medical markets, has received an order from an undisclosed ‘global leader in digital information equipment’ (including copiers, scanners, printers, projectors and other electronic devices). The order includes customized green laser design and delivery for use in the development of a commercial laser projector.

Leveraging its green laser technology, QPC has received over $15m in new orders for its visible lasers since the first demonstration of its visible laser technology in September 2007. The firm has also recently received initial product orders from several other major consumer electronics companies. QPC believes that these initial orders could result in further, larger-size orders.

“Green lasers are the most challenging laser color to produce for commercial projectors because of unique and demanding performance and cost requirements,” says VP of marketing & sales Paul Rudy. “Our green laser technology can enable higher-brightness displays with substantially reduced power consumption and attractive costs compared to other green lasers commercially available in the past,” he reckons. “Our vision is to produce world-leading green lasers, as well red and blue lasers for laser display applications from 10 lumens to tens of thousands of lumens.”

QPC says that its visible laser technology offers display makers high-speed modulation and highly efficient operation with minimal power consumption from a cost-effective, high-volume design. Its lasers are already being used to develop high-definition laser TVs, 3D projectors, handheld micro-projectors (pico-projectors) as well as other potential display applications.

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