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14 February 2008


BluGlass makes its first quantum well LEDs

BluGlass Ltd of Sydney, Australia says that it is on-track in all key areas of the commercialization plan for its low-cost manufacturing technology for GaN-on-glass material for LED lighting devices.

In mid-January, construction of its prototype commercial-scale RPCVD reactor was completed at equipment maker EMF Semiconductor Systems Ltd in Ireland (overseen by BluGlass’s equipment design and development manager Conor Martin) and first-stage commissioning is underway there and on schedule for completion by March.

The results of initial trials have exceeded expectations, reports EMF director Jim Dixon. “Initial plasma tests look very promising. The automated wafer handler has been integrated into the tool, making it a truly competitive production system,” he adds. “These advances will lead to improved product yield and reduced reagent costs.”

BluGlass’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at Silverwater in Sydney is on track to accept delivery of the commercial reactor early in second-quarter 2008, when full commissioning of the facility will also take place.

In addition, chief technology officer Dr Scott Butcher and his team have made their first ultra-thin-layered (quantum well) device structures (the basis of high-brightness LEDs). The structures, consisting of 4nm-thick indium gallium nitride (InGaN) layers embedded in GaN (and aluminium gallium nitride), are a significant advance on the 6”-diameter ‘GaN on glass’ wafers that the firm reported in mid-2007. This keeps BluGlass on track for its primary 2008 technical goal of demonstrating a working HB-LED, the firm reckons.

BluGlass believes that the ability of its patented RPCVD process to grow nitrides at low temperatures has also created new opportunities for hybrid technologies with significant commercial prospects in areas such as oxide-nitride mixed structures, photovoltaics (solar technology) and silicon.

The firm is also in advanced negotiations with Canada’s Lakehead University to develop a research program around its R&D reactor, with BluGlass’s first unit on track to be installed there in 2008. It adds that there has also been interest in the product from other universities, research institutes and companies in Asia, North America and Europe for joint development programs that may provide early revenue opportunities as well as further exploration of other materials and device development using RPCVD.

Interim CEO and commercial manager Giles Bourne confirms that the firm is proactively seeking additional partnerships.

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