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22 July 2008


JPSA and DynTest co-developing wafer scribing/breaking

J P Sercel Associates (JPSA) of Manchester, NH, USA has announced a collaborative partnership with DynTest Technologies GmbH of Grassau, Germany to develop and manufacture new high-precision scribing/breaking solutions for wafer singulation.

DynTest specializes in scribing/breaking systems that enhance production yields and productivity for substrates used to manufacture opto- and micro-electronic components, with patented technology for III-V wafers. JPSA specializes in high-speed, high-accuracy laser workstations for wafer scribing.

“JPSA’s laser scribing systems deliver the narrowest kerf in the industry – 2.5 microns – at high speed, for maximum yields per wafer,” claims the firm’s sales & marketing director Rick Slagle. “DynTest brings advanced, precise breaking expertise to this relationship. The combined technology of JPSA and DynTest Technologies allows thicker material to be singulated accurately, meaning less scribing time, higher throughput and higher yields,” he adds. “This provides the industry new opportunities for traceable device singulation in high-volume manufacturing,” add DynTest’s managing directors Joerg Lindner and Helge Luesebrink.

“Furthermore, these systems can break very small, relatively thick VCSEL [vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser] and HB-LED [high-brightness light-emitting diode] dies,” Slagle adds. The result of the collaboration should enable excellent process speed and performance with improved yield rates, it is claimed.

In addition to the sensitive epitaxial material of VCSELs and HB-LEDs, wafers with backside metallization, III-V wafers, ceramic substrates and comparable brittle materials can also be processed.

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