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16 July 2008


Nichia files German patent lawsuit against Seoul Semiconductor’s Acriche products

Last week, Japanese LED maker Nichia Corp filed a lawsuit in Germany against Korean rival Seoul Semiconductor Co Ltd, its German subsidiary Seoul Semiconductor Europe GmbH, and its German distributor Conrad Electronic SE, alleging that Seoul’s Acriche Series white LED product infringes its European patent EP(DE)622858. Nichia is also seeking injunctive relief and compensation for damages.

As one of Seoul Semiconductor’s main products, the Acriche products are being used for streetlights in Europe, says Nichia.

Nichia also already has lawsuits in progress for injunctive relief and compensation for damages against Seoul Semiconductor (including its Japanese and US subsidiaries too in certain cases) in the US (for design patent infringement of side-view white LEDs) and in both Japan and Korea (for patent infringement of both white power LEDs and chip-type white LEDs) as well as in the UK (for infringement by the Acriche of Nichia’s two patents EP(UK)599224 and EP(UK)622858).

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